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Crusaders of Faith: A Deep Dive into the Black Templars Chapter in Warhammer 40k

Crusaders of Faith: A Deep Dive into the Black Templars Chapter in Warhammer 40k


Step into the world of the Black Templars, where faith is not just a concept but a weapon, and zeal is not just a trait but a way of life. The Black Templars are a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes whose fervent devotion to the Emperor and relentless pursuit of heresy have earned them a fearsome reputation across the galaxy.

The Black Templars: Crusaders of the Imperium Among the Space Marines

In the vast expanse of the Imperium, the Black Templars stand as fervent crusaders, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of the Emperor's enemies and the defense of humanity's sacred domains. Known for their unyielding zeal and unwavering devotion to the Imperial Creed, the Black Templars are the epitome of righteous fury and martial prowess.

As Space Marines, the Black Templars embody the virtues of faith, courage, and duty. From the blood-soaked battlefields of the Imperium to the desolate reaches of the void, the Black Templars wage holy war against the enemies of mankind, their blades keen and their souls aflame with the righteous fire of the Emperor's wrath.

History and Lore:

The tale of the Black Templars is one of unyielding faith and eternal crusade. Founded during the dark days of the Horus Heresy, the Black Templars trace their lineage back to the noble Primarch Rogal Dorn and the stoic warriors of the Imperial Fists Legion. After the tragic events of the Heresy, the Black Templars were formed from the remnants of the Imperial Fists, their ranks filled with those who remained steadfast in their loyalty to the Emperor.

Since their founding, the Black Templars have embarked on countless crusades, seeking out heresy and corruption wherever it may lurk. They have fought against the forces of Chaos, the alien xenos, and the treacherous traitors who seek to undermine the Imperium from within. Their relentless pursuit of the Emperor's enemies has earned them a fearsome reputation as the Emperor's Sword, striking terror into the hearts of heretics and traitors alike.

Tactics on the Tabletop:

On the tabletop battlefield, the Black Templars are known for their relentless and aggressive playstyle. They eschew traditional tactics in favour of overwhelming force and close combat prowess, seeking to engage the enemy in brutal melee combat wherever possible.

One of the Black Templars' signature tactics is the use of Assault Squads and Crusader Squads to launch lightning-fast assaults on enemy positions. These units are supported by dedicated transports like Rhinos and Land Raiders, allowing the Black Templars to quickly close the distance with their foes and unleash devastating close-range firepower.

In addition to their close combat prowess, the Black Templars are also masters of attrition warfare, utilizing their relentless assault to wear down enemy defences and break their morale. Units like Intercessor Squads and Hellblaster Squads provide long-range fire support, softening up enemy formations before the Black Templars charge in for the kill.

Historic Battles:

Throughout the annals of Imperial history, the Black Templars have carved their legend in blood upon countless battlefields. Among these storied conflicts, one stands out as a testament to their indomitable spirit and unyielding resolve – the defence of the Ecclesiarchy world of Helsreach during the Third War for Armageddon.


When the forces of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka descended upon the hive world of Armageddon, the Black Templars answered the call to arms without hesitation. Led by Marshal Helbrecht, the Templars launched a valiant defence of the city of Helsreach, standing firm against the seemingly endless tide of greenskins.

For weeks on end, the battle raged in the ash-choked streets and crumbling spires of Helsreach. Wave after wave of Ork assaults crashed against the Black Templars' defences, but still, they held their ground, fighting with unmatched ferocity and determination.

In the darkest hours of the battle, when it seemed that all hope was lost, Marshal Helbrecht rallied his warriors for one final, desperate stand. With the Orks on the brink of overwhelming their defences, the Black Templars launched a daring counterattack, driving the greenskins back and securing victory for the defenders of Helsreach.

Though the cost was high and many brave Battle-Brothers fell in the defence of Helsreach, their sacrifice was not in vain. The city stood defiant against the onslaught of the Orks, a shining beacon of Imperial resolve in the face of adversity.


The Black Templars face a myriad of enemies in their eternal crusade against heresy and corruption. Among their most hated foes are the vile forces of Chaos, whose twisted machinations seek to undermine the Imperium from within. From the traitorous heretics of the Black Legion to the malevolent champions of the Dark Gods, the Black Templars stand as the Emperor's chosen warriors, ready to confront any foe that dares to challenge them.

In addition to the forces of Chaos, the Black Templars also face the relentless onslaught of the alien xenos. From the brutal Orks to the insidious Tyranids, these creatures of the void seek to devour humanity and extinguish the light of the Emperor's glory. But the Black Templars stand firm against these monstrous foes, their faith unshakable and their blades ever ready to strike down the enemies of mankind.


The Black Templars' army composition reflects their aggressive playstyle and relentless pursuit of their enemies. At the core of their forces are the Battle-Brothers of the Crusader Squads, armed and armoured for close combat and ready to charge headlong into the fray. These warriors are supported by Assault Squads, whose lightning-fast assaults disrupt enemy formations and sow chaos among their ranks.

In addition to their infantry forces, the Black Templars field a formidable array of armoured vehicles and war machines. Rhinos and Land Raiders thunder across the battlefield, delivering their deadly cargo of warriors into the heart of the enemy's lines, while Predators and Vindicators rain death upon their foes from afar.

Black Templars Heroes:

At the forefront of the Black Templars' crusades stand legendary heroes whose deeds inspire their brethren and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. These noble warriors embody the fervent zeal of the Black Templars and lead by example on the battlefield.

Among the most revered of these heroes is Marshal Helbrecht, the High Marshal of the Black Templars and the Chapter's spiritual leader. Clad in ancient Terminator armour and wielding the mighty sword "The Sword of the High Marshals," Helbrecht is a peerless warrior and a beacon of hope for the faithful.

Chaplain Grimaldus: Chaplain Grimaldus is a figure of awe and reverence among the Black Templars, known for his unwavering faith and unyielding resolve in the face of adversity. Clad in his iconic black power armour and wielding the ancient crozius arcanum, Grimaldus is a formidable warrior and an inspiring leader to his Battle-Brothers.

Grimaldus's journey to prominence began during the defence of Helsreach, where he led the defenders of the Hive City against the brutal assault of the Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Thraka. Despite overwhelming odds and relentless enemy attacks, Grimaldus stood firm, his booming voice rallying the defenders to hold the line against the greenskin horde.

Throughout the long and bloody siege of Helsreach, Grimaldus distinguished himself as a fearless warrior and a steadfast defender of humanity. His unwavering faith in the Emperor and his devotion to the Black Templars' cause inspired his fellow Battle-Brothers to acts of heroism and sacrifice, ensuring that the defenders of Helsreach would never falter in their duty.

In the aftermath of the battle, Grimaldus emerged as a symbol of hope and resilience for the people of Armageddon, his name whispered in awe and admiration by all who had witnessed his deeds. Today, he continues to serve the Black Templars with unwavering dedication, leading his Battle-Brothers into battle with the same courage and conviction that defined him on the sands of Helsreach.

Pros and Cons in the Tabletop Game:


  • Relentless and aggressive playstyle, focusing on close combat prowess and overwhelming force.
  • Strong close combat units like Assault Squads and Crusader Squads, capable of launching lightning-fast assaults on enemy positions.
  • Dedicated transports like Rhinos and Land Raiders, allowing for rapid deployment and close-range firepower support.
  • Powerful heroes and characters that inspire their troops and lead them to victory.


  • Vulnerable to long-range firepower and artillery barrages, especially in the early stages of the game.
  • Relatively low mobility compared to some other Space Marine chapters, making it difficult to outmanoeuvre fast-moving or highly mobile armies.
  • Limited psychic abilities and defences, requiring players to carefully manage their units' positioning and tactics to avoid being overwhelmed by psychic attacks.

Paint Colours and Scheme:

The iconic colour scheme of the Black Templars reflects their fervent devotion to the Emperor and their relentless pursuit of heresy. To recreate this striking look, start with a base coat of Abaddon Black for the armour, followed by layers of Eshin Grey and Dawnstone for highlights. For the trim and details, use colours like Retributor Armor and Leadbelcher for metallic accents, and Balthasar Gold for the chapter insignia and embellishments. Finally, add weathering effects using Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil washes, and finish with a matte varnish to protect the miniatures and give them a professional finish.


In conclusion, the Black Templars are a chapter defined by their unyielding faith and relentless pursuit of their enemies. With their fervent tactics, iconic heroes, and legendary crusades, the Black Templars continue to stand as a bulwark against the forces of darkness that threaten the Imperium. Whether defending the Ecclesiarchy worlds or crusading across the stars, the Black Templars are always prepared to lay down their lives in the defence of mankind. So, join the ranks of the Black Templars and fight alongside some of the Imperium's most zealous warriors in the eternal struggle for humanity's survival!

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