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Warzone Miniatures is a independent online store based in the United Kingdom, We buy miniatures ranging from Warhammer 40k, warhammer fantasy, Age of Sigmar and many more.


We pay cash for new and used games workshop miniatures, We buy everything from painted and unpainted models, to large warhammer armies and collections. We have over 20 years of experience in this hobby so we know that every so often it's time to replace your old army that's been sitting around collecting dust, and make room for your next project.


What better way to fund your new project than with money from your old collection ?


 Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page


 In the message section please write down a list of everything you would like to sell. Please include if models are used, new painted or unpainted.


  • We will then email you to say we have received your email, and then we will ask for you to send us photos of everything you wish to sell.


  • We will then give you a provisional quote


  • if you accept the offer, we will ask you to post your miniatures to us. (we recommend sending parcels with tracking for security)


  • when we receive your miniatures, we will then review the items and offer the confirmed quote.


  • If you accept the offer , we will send payment through paypal or bank transfer




Please pack all miniatures carefully to avoid damage in transit.


 Why Sell your Warhammer to Warzone Miniatures ?


 We make selling your old warhammer armies a easy process, You send us a email with a list of everything you want to sell, we get back to you with a quote, you decide if you accept it. If so, you post them out to us, we pay you, job done.


Where as the alternative is a much more time consuming and stressful process, including constant messages from buyers, potentially not receiving payment, and maybe even having to split your army and sell them individually.


We take all the hassle out of it. We buy collections of all sizes, and we send the money swiftly and securely through paypal or bank transfer.

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