Necrons are a race of skeleton like robots that have awakened from their tomb worlds to reclaim the galaxy. Their technology is more advanced than perhaps any other race. This make them an extremely dangerous and destructive force in the world of warhammer 40k. Especially considering some of their units, such as the necron monolith, doomsday ark and annihilation barge.

For units some options to consider are as follows, for the troops and eiltes, you have the necron warriors, immortals, lychguard and deathmarks. For vehicles, you have the impressive monolith, Doomsday ark and Annihilation barge. There are more options than this but this gives you an idea of what the necrons have to offer.
If necrons are your chosen race, check out our range of necron models below and if you are looking for a specific model, just click the search icon in the top right hand corner of the page to find the model you are looking for.
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