Warhammer Fantasy and AOS

 Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer fantasy is a miniature wargame, like warhammer 40k, fantasy is is played on a table top battlefield where players use their model fantasy armies to play against each other using tactics until one player is victorious.

This world consists of a number of different races including humans, high elves, dark elves,wood elves, undead, lizardmen, orcs and dwarfs. These races battle against each other for survival or supremacy.

These model armies look extremely impressive on the tabeltop, especially the armies with larger creatures, and with the right paint job they are guaranteed to turn heads.

Age of Sigmar

Age of sigmar is the newest version of warhammer. It is set in the same world as warhammer fantasy, with the some of the same races, but it follows a new storyline where many of the previous races have been destroyed or severely depleted, due to the event that was called the end times.

After this cataclysmic event, chaos began to take hold in the world, and the God called Sigmar forged an army to fight against the forces of chaos. These warriors are called the stormcast eternals. Which are a new addition to the warhammer tabletop game.
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