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A Comprehensive Guide to the Grey Knights Chapter

A Comprehensive Guide to the Grey Knights Chapter


Enter the shadowed halls of Titan, where the Grey Knights, the Emperor's chosen warriors against the warp, prepare for their eternal vigil against the tides of chaos. In this guide, we unravel the secrets of the Grey Knights, delving into their sacred history, unparalleled tactics, and the heroes who stand as bastions against the darkness.

The Grey Knights: Warriors of Titan Among the Space Marines

In the annals of Space Marine history, the Grey Knights are revered as the Emperor's ultimate weapon against the daemonic hordes of the Warp. Formed from the gene-seed of the Emperor himself and trained in the arcane arts of psychic warfare, the Grey Knights are the holy warriors who stand as the Imperium's bulwark against the forces of Chaos.

As Space Marines, the Grey Knights embody the virtues of purity, discipline, and unwavering resolve. From their fortress-monastery on the moon of Titan to the darkest depths of the Immaterium, the Grey Knights wage a never-ending war against the daemonic legions of the Warp, their silvered armour gleaming with the light of the Emperor's divine grace.

History and Lore:

The Grey Knights Chapter, cloaked in secrecy and steeped in mystery, serves as the Emperor's silent guardians against the insidious threats of Chaos. Founded in the darkest days of the Horus Heresy, their creation was a necessity borne from the need to combat the daemonic incursions that threatened to consume the Imperium from within.

Crafted from the genetic material of the Emperor Himself, the Grey Knights are the purest manifestation of His will. Their gene-seed is said to possess unique qualities that grant them resistance to the corrupting influence of Chaos and heightened psychic abilities, making them formidable adversaries against the denizens of the warp.

Based on the moon of Titan, the Grey Knights maintain their fortress-monastery within the impenetrable fortress known as the Citadel. From this bastion of purity, they launch their relentless crusade against the daemonic forces that seek to plunge the galaxy into eternal darkness.

Throughout their long and storied history, the Grey Knights have remained steadfast in their duty, their exploits shrouded in secrecy and their victories often unsung. Yet, their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, and their unwavering resolve serves as a beacon of hope for the Imperium in its darkest hours.

Tactics on the Tabletop:

On the tabletop battlefield, the Grey Knights deploy with precision and purpose, their strategies honed through centuries of combat against the forces of Chaos. Their armies are comprised of elite warriors, each a potent psyker capable of unleashing devastating psychic powers upon their enemies.

Grey Knights excel in close-quarters combat, where their Terminator-armoured Paladins and Strike Squads can unleash a barrage of close-range firepower and deadly melee attacks. Supported by powerful psychic abilities such as Smite and Purge Soul, they can decimate enemy ranks with ease.

In addition to their formidable close combat capabilities, Grey Knights also boast a wide array of ranged weaponry, including psycannons and incinerators, which can lay waste to enemy infantry and vehicles alike. Their arsenal is further enhanced by specialized wargear such as nemesis force weapons and psychic grenades, making them a versatile and deadly force on the battlefield.

Historic Battles:

Throughout the annals of Imperial history, the Grey Knights have been at the forefront of some of the most pivotal battles against the forces of Chaos. One of their most renowned engagements was the defence of the Fortress World of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade led by the Warmaster Abaddon.

As the forces of Chaos launched a massive assault on Cadia, the Grey Knights stood shoulder to shoulder with the Imperial defenders, their silver-clad warriors forming an unbreakable bulwark against the tide of daemonic horrors. Led by their Grand Master, Drago, the Grey Knights fought with unmatched valour and determination, their psychic powers banishing daemons back to the warp with every stroke of their Nemesis force weapons.

For weeks on end, the battle raged across the desolate plains and shattered cities of Cadia, with neither side willing to yield an inch of ground. The skies above were filled with the roars of daemonic engines and the thunderous blasts of Imperial artillery, while on the ground, Grey Knights clashed with the twisted horrors of the warp in a desperate struggle for survival.

In the end, it was the indomitable spirit of the Grey Knights and their unwavering faith in the Emperor that proved to be the deciding factor in the battle. With their psychic powers bolstered by the unshakeable resolve of their warriors, the Grey Knights launched a daring counterattack that shattered the Chaos forces and sent them fleeing back into the warp.

Though the battle had been won, the cost had been high, with countless lives lost and entire cities reduced to ruins. But the sacrifice of the Grey Knights had saved Cadia from certain destruction, ensuring that the Imperium would live to fight another day against the forces of Chaos.


The Grey Knights face a myriad of enemies in their eternal crusade against the forces of Chaos and the horrors of the warp. Foremost among their adversaries are the Traitor Legions, whose dark masters seek to tear down the Imperium and plunge the galaxy into eternal darkness.

Led by the vile champions of Chaos, these Traitor Legions launch relentless assaults on Imperial worlds, their ranks bolstered by daemonic allies and corrupted mortals alike. But against the purity of the Grey Knights, they find themselves facing an implacable foe, their twisted powers and malevolent schemes no match for the righteous fury of the Emperor's chosen warriors.

In addition to the Traitor Legions, the Grey Knights also face the daemonic hordes of the warp, whose very existence threatens to unravel the fabric of reality itself. From the bloodthirsty hordes of Khorne to the insidious schemes of Tzeentch, these daemonic entities seek to corrupt and destroy all that is pure and holy in the galaxy.

But the Grey Knights stand firm against these infernal foes, their silver-clad warriors striking fear into the hearts of daemons with every stroke of their Nemesis force weapons. For as long as the forces of Chaos threaten the Imperium, the Grey Knights will be there to stand against them, their blades and their souls forever dedicated to the eternal battle against the darkness.

Paint Colours and Scheme:

The iconic colour scheme of the Grey Knights reflects their otherworldly nature and sacred duty. Start with a base coat of Leadbelcher for the armour, followed by layers of Administratum Grey and Ulthuan Grey for highlights. For the trim and details, use colours like Retributor Armour and Runefang Steel for metallic accents, and Liberator Gold for the chapter insignia and embellishments. Finally, add glowing blue accents using colours like Caledor Sky and Baharroth Blue, and finish with a matte varnish to protect the miniatures and give them a professional finish.


The Grey Knights' army is comprised of specialized units, each meticulously trained and equipped to combat the horrors of the warp. At the vanguard are the Grey Knights Strike Squads, elite warriors clad in the sacred Aegis armour and armed with Nemesis force weapons capable of cleaving through the most heavily armoured foes. These squads are often deployed via teleportation to strike deep behind enemy lines or reinforce critical battlefield positions.

Supporting the Strike Squads are the Purifiers, Grey Knights who have undergone additional training in the arts of purification and banishment. Armed with incinerators and psycannons, Purifiers excel at clearing hordes of daemons and heretics with cleansing flames and psychic bolts.

For heavier firepower, the Grey Knights deploy Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders, ancient war machines infused with the spirits of fallen heroes. These behemoths of war provide devastating fire support and close-quarters firepower, turning the tide of battle with their formidable arsenal of weapons.

Grey Knights Heroes:

At the forefront of the Grey Knights' battles stand legendary heroes whose valour and strength of will inspire their brethren and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. Among them is Grand Master Vorth Mordrak, a revered commander whose spirit remains bound to the battlefield, leading his spectral knights into battle with unmatched ferocity.

Brother-Captain Stern, a veteran warrior whose mastery of the psychic arts is matched only by his unwavering devotion to the Emperor. Stern wields the legendary Blade of Antwyr, a weapon of ancient power that thirsts for the blood of daemons and heretics alike.

Castellan Crowe: Castellan Garran Crowe is a renowned hero of the Grey Knights, known for his unwavering dedication to the Emperor and his unyielding resolve in the face of the most dire of threats. Armed with the mighty Blade of Antwyr, Crowe leads his brethren into battle with righteous fury, cutting down heretics and daemons alike with every swing of his weapon.

Grand Master Drago: Grand Master Drago is one of the most powerful psykers in the Grey Knights chapter, his psychic abilities rivaled only by the most ancient and revered of his brethren. Clad in ancient Terminator armour and wielding the legendary Nemesis force halberd, Drago is a formidable warrior and a peerless leader whose mere presence inspires his Battle-Brothers to acts of heroism and sacrifice.

Brother-Captain Stern: Brother-Captain Stern is a veteran warrior whose mastery of the psychic arts is matched only by his unwavering devotion to the Emperor. Stern wields the legendary Blade of Antwyr, a weapon of ancient power that thirsts for the blood of daemons and heretics alike. With his indomitable will and formidable combat skills, Stern is a beacon of hope for the Grey Knights and a scourge to the enemies of mankind.

These heroes, among others, lead the Grey Knights into battle against the forces of Chaos, their deeds immortalized in the annals of Imperial history and their names whispered in awe and reverence by all who know of their exploits.

Pros and Cons in the Tabletop Game:


  • Unmatched psychic abilities, allowing for devastating offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Elite units with powerful weaponry and special rules, capable of dominating the battlefield.
  • Access to potent stratagems and psychic powers that can swing the tide of battle in their favour.


  • Relatively small model count, making them vulnerable to attrition.
  • Limited long-range firepower compared to some other armies.
  • High point cost for many units, requiring careful list building and strategic play to maximize effectiveness.


In conclusion, the Grey Knights are a chapter of warrior-mystics whose sacred duty is to defend humanity from the terrors of the warp. With their unmatched psychic abilities, elite warriors, and unshakable resolve, they stand as the Emperor's chosen warriors against the darkness. So, whether you're painting them for display or leading them into battle on the tabletop, remember that the Grey Knights are the first and last line of defence against the forces of Chaos, their silver blades ready to strike down any who would threaten the Imperium.

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