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A Comprehensive Guide to the Warhammer 40k Tau Empire

A Comprehensive Guide to the Warhammer 40k Tau Empire

Uniting the Greater Good: A Comprehensive Guide to the Warhammer 40k Tau Empire

In the expansive universe of Warhammer 40k, the Tau Empire stands as a bastion of hope and technological advancement amidst the chaos of the 41st millennium. With their advanced weaponry, strategic prowess, and commitment to the Greater Good, the Tau are a formidable force on the tabletop battlefield. This guide delves into the lore, tactics, units, painting techniques, and strengths and weaknesses of the Tau Empire in Warhammer 40k.

The Rise of the Tau Empire: History and Lore

In the sprawling expanse of the Warhammer 40k universe, the Tau Empire emerges as a beacon of hope amidst the unrelenting darkness of the 41st millennium. Originating from the Tau homeworld of T'au, the Tau are a relatively young but rapidly expanding faction, guided by the enigmatic Ethereal caste and driven by a vision of progress, unity, and cooperation known as the Greater Good.

Origins and Early History

The Tau species, initially a primitive and technologically undeveloped race, inhabited the planet T'au in the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy. For millennia, they lived in relative isolation, unaware of the galactic conflicts raging beyond their own star system. However, all of this changed with the arrival of the Ethereals – a mysterious and enigmatic caste of leaders who claimed to have been sent by the "Greater Good" to unite the Tau under a common cause.

Under the guidance of the Ethereals, the Tau rapidly advanced both technologically and socially, harnessing the power of science and industry to transform their society and expand their influence across the stars. Diplomatic and pragmatic, the Tau sought to establish peaceful relations with other species and forge alliances based on mutual benefit and cooperation.

Expansion and Diplomacy

With their advanced technology and diplomatic acumen, the Tau embarked on a campaign of expansion, colonizing new worlds and assimilating other species into their growing empire. Through the use of diplomacy, propaganda, and strategic alliances, the Tau gradually expanded their influence, bringing worlds and species into the fold of the Greater Good.

Key to the Tau's expansion was their policy of the "Mont'au," or "Time of Terror," where they employed military force against those who refused to join their cause. While initially reluctant to resort to violence, the Tau recognized the necessity of military action to protect their burgeoning empire and enforce their vision of unity and cooperation.

The Ethereal Caste and the Greater Good

At the heart of the Tau Empire lies the enigmatic Ethereal caste – leaders revered by the Tau populace as wise and benevolent rulers, chosen by destiny to guide their society. Possessing an aura of authority and charisma, the Ethereals inspire loyalty and obedience among their followers, uniting the Tau under a common cause and driving them to ever greater acts of progress and cooperation in the name of the Greater Good.

The Greater Good, as preached by the Ethereals, is a philosophy of unity, progress, and cooperation that forms the foundation of Tau society. It advocates for the collective welfare of all sentient beings and seeks to bring about a future of peace and prosperity for all who embrace its principles. To the Tau, the Greater Good is more than just a philosophy – it is a guiding principle, a moral code, and a vision of a better tomorrow for all sentient life in the galaxy.

Challenges and Conflicts

Despite their ideals of progress and unity, the Tau Empire faces numerous challenges and conflicts in the hostile and unforgiving galaxy of the 41st millennium. From the relentless onslaught of Chaos forces to the encroaching tendrils of the Tyranid Hive Fleets, the Tau must constantly defend their borders and protect their worlds from the myriad threats that seek to destroy them.

Moreover, the expansionist ambitions of other galactic powers, such as the Imperium of Man and the various xenos races, pose a constant threat to the Tau Empire's continued existence. As the Tau seek to spread the influence of the Greater Good across the stars, they must navigate the treacherous waters of interstellar politics and warfare, forging alliances where possible and confronting enemies where necessary to secure their place in the galaxy.

Tactics for Tau Empire Players: Mastering the Art of Ranged Warfare

In the Warhammer 40k universe, the Tau Empire is renowned for its mastery of ranged warfare and mobile tactics. Commanders of Tau armies must leverage their advanced technology, firepower, and strategic acumen to outmanoeuvre and outgun their opponents on the tabletop battlefield. In this section, we'll explore key tactics and strategies for Tau Empire players to achieve victory against even the most formidable foes.

Utilize Superior Range and Firepower

One of the greatest strengths of the Tau Empire is its superior range and firepower. With weapons such as pulse rifles, railguns, and ion cannons, Tau units can engage enemy forces from a distance, picking off targets with precision and devastating firepower. Tau players should leverage this advantage by positioning their units strategically to maximize their firing arcs and maintain distance from enemy units.

Key units such as Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits excel at long-range shooting, while Hammerhead Gunships and Broadside Battlesuits provide heavy firepower with their potent weapons. By concentrating fire on high-priority targets and focusing on units that pose the greatest threat to their army, Tau players can quickly whittle down enemy forces and gain the upper hand in battle.

Employ Mobile Warfare Tactics

In addition to their superior firepower, Tau armies are known for their mobility and speed. Units such as Devilfish transports, Piranha skimmers, and Crisis Suits equipped with jetpacks allow Tau players to manoeuvre quickly across the battlefield, outflanking enemy forces and striking where they are least expected.

Tau players should take advantage of their mobility by employing hit-and-run tactics, launching surgical strikes against vulnerable enemy units and then retreating to safety before the enemy can respond. By staying on the move and denying their opponents the opportunity to pin them down in prolonged engagements, Tau players can maintain the initiative and control the flow of battle.

Utilize Markerlights for Target Acquisition

Markerlights are a key component of Tau army tactics, providing valuable target acquisition and support abilities to enhance the effectiveness of Tau firepower. Markerlight-equipped units such as Pathfinder Teams and Marker Drones can designate enemy units for additional firepower, reduce their cover saves, or provide bonuses to hit rolls for nearby Tau units.

Tau players should use Markerlights strategically to weaken enemy defences and maximize the effectiveness of their shooting attacks. By designating high-value targets with Markerlights and concentrating fire from multiple units, Tau players can quickly eliminate enemy threats and gain a decisive advantage on the battlefield.

Coordinate Combined Arms Assaults

Tau armies excel at combined arms tactics, leveraging the strengths of different unit types to create synergistic combinations that overwhelm and outmanoeuvre their opponents. Crisis Suits provide mobile firepower and flexibility, while Fire Warriors hold key objectives and provide supporting fire. Hammerhead Gunships and Broadside Battlesuits provide heavy firepower and long-range support, while Devilfish transports deliver troops safely to their destinations.

Tau players should coordinate their forces effectively, using each unit type to complement the strengths of the others and cover their weaknesses. By combining firepower, mobility, and resilience, Tau players can create a balanced and versatile army that can adapt to a variety of battlefield conditions and emerge victorious against even the most formidable foes.

Adapt to Changing Battlefield Conditions

As with any army in Warhammer 40k, Tau players must be prepared to adapt to changing battlefield conditions and adjust their tactics accordingly. Whether facing hordes of infantry, heavily armoured vehicles, or fast-moving assault units, Tau players must assess the situation carefully and deploy their forces in a manner that maximizes their chances of success.

Tau players should be flexible and open-minded, willing to experiment with different tactics and strategies to find what works best for their army and playstyle. By remaining adaptable and reactive to the evolving threats on the battlefield, Tau players can stay one step ahead of their opponents and emerge victorious in the crucible of war.

Units of the Tau Empire: Versatile Forces for the Greater Good

The Tau Empire boasts a diverse array of units, each with its own unique strengths and capabilities, allowing commanders to tailor their armies to suit their preferred style of warfare. From heavily armed battlesuits to fast-moving skimmers and versatile infantry, Tau players have a wide range of options at their disposal to achieve victory on the tabletop battlefield. In this section, we'll explore the key units of the Tau Empire and their roles in the Greater Good's quest for galactic domination.

Key Units of the Tau Empire

  1. Fire Warriors: The backbone of the Tau infantry, Fire Warriors are equipped with pulse rifles and pulse carbines, making them deadly at medium range. They excel at holding objectives and providing supporting fire for other Tau units. Fire Warriors can be fielded in Strike Teams for long-range fire support or in Breacher Teams for close-quarters combat.

  2. Crisis Suits: Elite battlesuit units piloted by skilled Tau warriors, Crisis Suits are highly versatile and customizable. Armed with a variety of weapons, including plasma rifles, missile pods, and fusion blasters, Crisis Suits can fulfil a multitude of roles on the battlefield, from long-range fire support to close-quarters assault. Their jetpacks allow them to manoeuvre quickly and strike where they are most needed.

  3. Hammerhead Gunship: A heavy tank armed with a potent railgun or ion cannon, the Hammerhead Gunship is a formidable anti-armour unit. Its long-range firepower and high strength make it ideal for engaging enemy vehicles and heavy infantry. With additional options such as smart missile systems and seeker missiles, the Hammerhead Gunship can adapt to various battlefield situations.

  4. Broadside Battlesuit: Heavy support units armed with twin-linked railguns or high-yield missile pods, Broadside Battlesuits excel at providing long-range fire support and anti-armour capabilities. Their sturdy construction and powerful weapons make them ideal for holding key objectives and providing cover for advancing Tau forces.

  5. Pathfinder Team: Elite reconnaissance units tasked with scouting ahead of the main Tau force and designating targets for artillery and air support. Armed with markerlights and pulse carbines, Pathfinder Teams excel at identifying enemy positions and weakening their defences, allowing the rest of the Tau army to unleash devastating firepower with pinpoint accuracy.

  6. XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Commander: Veteran Tau warriors equipped with custom-built battlesuits and armed with a wide array of weapons and support systems. As the supreme commanders of Tau armies, Crisis Battlesuit Commanders possess unparalleled skill and battlefield prowess, leading from the front lines and inspiring their troops to victory.

  7. Commander Shadowsun: A legendary Tau commander armed with a high-yield fusion blaster and a command drone, Commander Shadowsun is a master of stealth and precision strikes. With her unique abilities and strategic acumen, she can turn the tide of battle and lead her forces to victory against even the most formidable foes.

  8. Stealth Battlesuits: Infiltration units equipped with advanced stealth technology and burst cannons, Stealth Battlesuits excel at infiltrating enemy lines and conducting covert operations. With their ability to move unseen and strike from unexpected directions, Stealth Battlesuits can disrupt enemy formations and sow chaos behind enemy lines.

  9. Riptide Battlesuit: A heavy battlesuit armed with a heavy burst cannon and smart missile systems, the Riptide Battlesuit is a formidable frontline unit capable of engaging enemy forces at any range. With its advanced targeting systems and powerful weapons, the Riptide Battlesuit can hold key objectives and provide supporting fire for Tau infantry.

  10. Ghostkeel Battlesuit: A stealth battlesuit equipped with a fusion collider and a cyclic ion raker, the Ghostkeel Battlesuit is a master of hit-and-run tactics and ambushes. With its ability to move silently and strike from unexpected directions, the Ghostkeel Battlesuit can disrupt enemy formations and turn the tide of battle in favour of the Tau.

  11. Ethereal: Spiritual leaders of the Tau Empire who inspire their troops and enforce the will of the Greater Good. Ethereals possess an aura of authority and charisma, uniting the Tau under a common cause and driving them to ever greater acts of progress and cooperation.

  12. Tetra Scout Speeder: Fast-moving reconnaissance vehicles armed with twin-linked pulse rifles, Tetra Scout Speeders excel at scouting ahead of the main Tau force and harassing enemy units with hit-and-run attacks. With their speed and manoeuvrability, Tetra Scout Speeders can disrupt enemy formations and provide valuable intelligence to Tau commanders.

  13. Sniper Drones: Remote-controlled drones armed with rail rifles for long-range precision shooting, Sniper Drones excel at eliminating high-value targets and disrupting enemy formations from a distance. With their accuracy and firepower, Sniper Drones can turn the tide of battle in favour of the Tau and eliminate key threats to their forces.

  14. Vespid Stingwings: Flying assault units armed with neutron blasters for close-quarters combat, Vespid Stingwings excel at engaging enemy forces in melee combat and disrupting enemy formations with hit-and-run attacks. With their speed and agility, Vespid Stingwings can outmanoeuvre enemy units and strike where they are least expected.

  15. Tidewall Gunrig: Mobile fortress equipped with heavy railguns and missile pods for long-range fire support, Tidewall Gunrigs excel at holding key objectives and providing cover for advancing Tau forces. With their sturdy construction and powerful weapons, Tidewall Gunrigs can turn the tide of battle in favour of the Tau and provide a formidable barrier against enemy assaults.

  16. Tidewall Shieldline: Defensive fortifications equipped with powerful shield generators, Tidewall Shieldlines excel at providing cover and protection for Tau infantry. With their ability to absorb enemy firepower and provide a safe haven for Tau forces, Tidewall Shieldlines are invaluable assets in defensive operations.

  17. TX4 Piranha: Fast-moving skimmer vehicles armed with burst cannons and seeker missiles, TX4 Piranhas excel at hit-and-run attacks and harassment tactics. With their speed and firepower, TX4 Piranhas can disrupt enemy formations and provide supporting fire for Tau infantry.

  18. KV128 Stormsurge: Massive battlesuit equipped with a pulse driver cannon and a cluster rocket system, the KV128 Stormsurge is a walking fortress capable of laying waste to enemy forces with its devastating firepower. With its advanced targeting systems and heavy armour, the KV128 Stormsurge can withstand enemy assaults and hold key objectives against overwhelming odds.

  19. XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit: Stealth battlesuit equipped with a fusion collider and a cyclic ion raker, the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is a master of infiltration and ambush tactics. With its ability to move silently and strike from unexpected directions, the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit can disrupt enemy formations and turn the tide of battle in favour of the Tau.

  20. TX7 Hammerhead Gunship: Heavy tank armed with a powerful railgun or ion cannon, the TX7 Hammerhead Gunship is a formidable anti-armour unit capable of engaging enemy vehicles and heavy infantry at long range. With its advanced targeting systems and heavy firepower, the TX7 Hammerhead Gunship can turn the tide of battle in favour of the Tau and provide crucial fire support for advancing Tau forces.

Each of these units plays a vital role in the Tau army, contributing to the overall strategy and tactics of the Greater Good. Whether providing long-range fire support, engaging enemy forces in close-quarters combat, or supporting the advance of Tau infantry, these units work together to achieve victory on the battlefield and spread the influence of the Greater Good across the stars.

Step-by-Step Painting Guide for Tau Units

Painting Tau units can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, allowing you to bring your models to life and add a personal touch to your army. In this step-by-step painting guide, we'll walk through the process of painting a Tau Fire Warrior, one of the iconic infantry units of the Tau Empire. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, these techniques will help you achieve impressive results and create striking tabletop-ready miniatures.

Step 1: Preparation and Priming

Before you begin painting, it's essential to prepare your miniature properly. Remove any mold lines or imperfections using a hobby knife and file, then clean the model with warm, soapy water to remove any residue or oils. Once dry, prime the miniature with a suitable primer. For Tau units, a light grey or white primer works well as it provides a bright base for the vibrant colours associated with the Tau Empire.

Step 2: Basecoating

Start by basecoating the entire model with the appropriate colours using a brush or airbrush. For Fire Warriors, basecoat the armour panels with Ceramite White, and the undersuits with Abaddon Black. Use thin layers of paint to avoid obscuring detail and achieve smooth, even coverage.

Step 3: Layering and Highlighting

Once the basecoat is dry, apply layers of lighter shades to highlight raised areas and add depth to the miniature. For Fire Warriors, layer Ulthuan Grey over the armour panels, focusing on areas such as edges and ridges. For the undersuits, layer Eshin Grey over the black basecoat. Highlight further with White Scar on the most prominent edges and features.

Step 4: Details and Accents

With the armour panels and main areas of the miniature painted, it's time to add details and accents to bring the model to life. Paint smaller details such as weapon casings, lenses, and insignia with appropriate colours. For weapon casings, use Mephiston Red; for lenses, use Waystone Green; for insignia, use Retributor Armour.

Step 5: Weathering and Battle Damage

For a more realistic and dynamic look, consider adding weathering and battle damage to your Tau units. Use techniques such as drybrushing with Rhinox Hide or sponge weathering with Leadbelcher to simulate wear and tear on the armour panels. Paint scratches and bullet holes with Abaddon Black, followed by a highlight of Eshin Grey or Administratum Grey.

Step 6: Basing

Once the painting is complete, it's time to base your miniature. Apply texture paint or modelling paste to the base to create a realistic terrain effect, then paint the base with colours that complement the colour scheme of your army. Add additional details such as grass tufts, rocks, or debris to enhance the base further and tie the miniature into your overall tabletop battlefield.

Step 7: Varnishing

To protect your newly painted miniature and give it a professional finish, apply a coat of varnish. For Tau units, a matte varnish works well as it provides a flat, non-reflective finish that won't detract from the paint job. Be sure to apply the varnish in thin, even coats to avoid obscuring detail or causing frosting.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Finally, add any finishing touches to your miniature to bring it to life. Apply decals or transfers to add faction symbols or unit markings, add static grass or tufts to the base for extra detail, and apply a matte varnish to protect the paint job and give the miniature a uniform finish. Once complete, your Tau Fire Warrior is ready to take to the tabletop and do battle in the name of the Greater Good!

Exploring the Diverse Colour Schemes of the Tau Empire

The Tau Empire is renowned for its vibrant and diverse colour schemes, reflecting the varied worlds and cultures that comprise this interstellar civilization. From the pristine white armour of the Fire Caste to the earthy tones of the auxiliary forces, Tau armies exhibit a rich tapestry of colours that evoke both the unity of purpose and the diversity of its constituent species. In this section, we'll explore some of the most iconic and popular colour schemes of the Tau Empire, providing inspiration for painters and hobbyists looking to create their own unique Tau armies.

Traditional Tau Sept Colours

The most iconic and widely recognized colour scheme of the Tau Empire is that of the T'au Sept, the homeworld of the Tau race and the heart of their interstellar empire. The T'au Sept is characterized by its pristine white armour, symbolizing the purity of the Greater Good, accented with bright blue and orange markings. This classic color scheme is instantly recognizable and is often chosen by players seeking to emulate the aesthetic of the Tau Empire's core forces.

Vior'la Sept: The Fire Warriors

The Vior'la Sept is home to the Fire Warriors, the backbone of the Tau Empire's military forces. Reflecting their martial prowess and fiery determination, the Vior'la Sept's colour scheme features vibrant red armour with black accents, symbolizing the flames of war and the burning spirit of its warriors. This striking colour scheme is popular among players who prefer a bold and aggressive aesthetic for their Tau armies, representing the relentless advance of the Greater Good across the galaxy.

Sa'cea Sept: The Pathfinders

The Sa'cea Sept is renowned for its skilled Pathfinders, elite reconnaissance units tasked with scouting ahead of the main Tau force and designating targets for artillery and air support. The Sa'cea colour scheme features dark blue armour with white accents, symbolizing the stealth and precision of its warriors. This sleek and sophisticated colour scheme is popular among players who favour a more covert and tactical approach, representing the cunning and ingenuity of the Sa'cea Sept's warriors on the battlefield.

Dal'yth Sept: The Earth Caste

The Dal'yth Sept is home to the Earth Caste, the engineers and artisans of the Tau Empire who provide essential support to its military forces. Reflecting their close connection to the natural world, the Dal'yth color scheme features earthy tones such as brown, green, and tan, accented with metallic silver and copper. This rustic and utilitarian colour scheme is popular among players who wish to emphasize the Tau Empire's harmony with nature and its reliance on sustainable technologies.

Bork'an Sept: The Technological Innovators

The Bork'an Sept is renowned for its technological prowess and scientific innovation, producing some of the most advanced weaponry and equipment in the Tau Empire. Reflecting their focus on technology and progress, the Bork'an color scheme features sleek grey armour with blue and silver accents, symbolizing the precision and sophistication of its warriors. This high-tech and futuristic colour scheme is popular among players who favour a more mechanized and technologically advanced aesthetic for their Tau armies.

Custom Septs: Unleash Your Creativity

In addition to the traditional Sept colours, many Tau players choose to create their own custom Septs, allowing them to unleash their creativity and personalize their armies. Whether drawing inspiration from existing lore or inventing entirely new narratives, custom Septs offer endless possibilities for painters and hobbyists to express their unique vision of the Tau Empire. From exotic alien worlds to bustling urban centres, the only limit is your imagination.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Tau Empire in Warhammer 40,000

The Tau Empire is a technologically advanced and highly disciplined faction in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, renowned for its powerful battlesuits, advanced weaponry, and coordinated tactics. However, like all factions, the Tau Empire has its own set of strengths and weaknesses on the tabletop battlefield. Understanding these factors is crucial for players looking to master the art of commanding the Greater Good in the grim darkness of the far future.


  1. Long-Range Firepower: The Tau Empire excels at long-range firepower, boasting an array of heavy weapons and high-strength weaponry that can devastate enemy units from a distance. With units such as Broadside Battlesuits, Hammerhead Gunships, and Riptide Battlesuits armed with railguns and missile systems, Tau players can dominate the battlefield and control the flow of the game from afar.

  2. High Mobility: Tau units are known for their mobility, with many equipped with jetpacks, skimmers, or other forms of advanced propulsion. This allows Tau players to manoeuvre quickly across the battlefield, outflank enemy units, and strike where they are least expected. Crisis Suits, Stealth Battlesuits, and Devilfish transports are all examples of highly mobile units that can be used to great effect in Tau armies.

  3. Markerlight Support: Markerlights are a unique feature of the Tau Empire that provide valuable targeting assistance to other Tau units. By designating enemy units with markerlights, Tau players can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their firepower, allowing them to eliminate high-value targets with precision. Pathfinder Teams and markerlight-equipped battlesuits are essential components of any Tau army, providing crucial support to other units on the battlefield.

  4. Adaptable Tactics: The Tau Empire offers a wide range of tactical options, allowing players to tailor their strategies to suit any battlefield scenario. Whether focusing on long-range fire support, mobile mechanized warfare, or stealthy hit-and-run tactics, Tau players have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations and outmanoeuvre their opponents.

  5. Psychic Resistance: Unlike many other factions in Warhammer 40,000, the Tau Empire has limited psychic abilities and is therefore less vulnerable to psychic attacks and abilities. This can give Tau players an advantage against psyker-heavy armies and make them more resilient to psychic warfare on the tabletop.


  1. Close Combat Vulnerability: While the Tau Empire excels at long-range firepower, it is relatively weak in close combat. Most Tau units lack the close combat prowess and resilience of other factions, making them vulnerable to assault-oriented armies that can close the distance quickly and engage them in close-quarters combat. Tau players must use terrain, screening units, and clever positioning to avoid being overwhelmed in close combat.

  2. Fragility: Many Tau units, particularly battlesuits and vehicles, have relatively low toughness and armour values compared to other factions in Warhammer 40,000. This makes them vulnerable to high-strength weapons, armour-piercing attacks, and focused firepower from enemy units. Tau players must use cover, terrain, and defensive tactics to mitigate damage and protect their valuable assets on the battlefield.

  3. Reliance on Markerlights: While markerlights provide valuable support to Tau units, they also represent a potential weakness if they are neutralized or destroyed by enemy forces. Without markerlight support, Tau units may suffer from reduced accuracy and effectiveness, making it harder to achieve their objectives and overcome enemy resistance. Tau players must protect their markerlight units and prioritize eliminating enemy units that threaten them.

  4. Limited Psychic Abilities: While the Tau Empire's resistance to psychic powers can be an advantage, it also means that Tau players have limited access to psychic abilities of their own. This can put them at a disadvantage against psyker-heavy armies that rely on psychic powers for offense, defence, and utility on the battlefield. Tau players must compensate for this limitation with other tactical options and unit synergies.

  5. Vulnerability to Melee Alpha Strikes: Tau armies are susceptible to "alpha strikes" from melee-focused factions that can quickly close the distance and engage them in close combat before they have a chance to respond. Units with high mobility and the ability to deep strike or outflank, such as Space Marine Assault Squads or Genestealer Cults, can pose a significant threat to Tau armies if not dealt with effectively.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Tau Empire is essential for players looking to master this faction in Warhammer 40,000. By leveraging their long-range firepower, mobility, and tactical flexibility while mitigating their vulnerabilities, Tau players can lead the Greater Good to victory on the tabletop battlefield.

Conclusion: Join the Ranks of the Greater Good

In the grim darkness of the far future, the Tau Empire stands as a shining example of progress and cooperation in a galaxy consumed by war. Whether you're a seasoned Tau player or a newcomer eager to join the ranks of the Greater Good, the Tau Empire offers a unique and rewarding experience on the tabletop battlefield. So gather your Fire Warriors, pilot your battlesuits, and unleash the power of the Greater Good against the enemies of the Tau Empire!

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